The Barony of Politarchopolis invites you to…

From 1-3 December 2017 the Barony of Politarchopolis will host one of Lochac’s premier events with Fields of Gold 7 held at the Bungendore Showground in Bungendore, NSW.

Fields of Gold is a weekend of tournaments and feasts in the high gothic style in honour of the Crown who will be in attendance. There will be tournaments in armoured combat, rapier and archery skill at arms over the weekend between Friday & Sunday as well as a variety of classes in both martial activity and the arts & sciences. The weekend will be themed around the tale of the Swan Knight and involve quests, games and theatrical display.

We hope to again offer Equestrian Activities for the delight of all.

Show your prowess in as many disciplines as you can for the chance to win the title of Champion d’Or.

Apart from the spectacle of the tournament there will also be a chance for the magnificent artisans of the Kingdom to showcase their fine works with a competition simply themed ‘Something Gold’. As it sounds, the entry simply needs to have an element of something ‘gold’. That is it. So it could be golden ale, gold embroidery, illumination etc. Be imaginative as you wish. Documentation is encouraged. Other competitions will be announced in the lead up to the event.

To expand our skills during this time of peace, there will be classes running throughout the weekend.

The weekend is fully catered from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch. The Feast of the Golden Gryphon will run again on Saturday night, however this will be restricted to 80 people and the Bold Gryphon Tavern will also offer fare that night for those that choose it or miss out on the Feast (it’s the same delicious food, just a little less formal).

Join Their Majesties, Their Excellencies and the great and good of Lochac once more upon the Fields of Gold!


Pre 18 November Member:                     $75 Full Weekend / $20 Day Rate / $45 Feast Only

Pre 18 November Non-Member:           $85 Full Weekend / $25 Day Rate / $50 Feast Only

At the gate Member:                               $80 Full Weekend / $25 Day Rate / $55 Feast Only

At the gate Non Member:                      $90 Full Weekend / $30 Day Rate / $60 Feast Only

Children 6-16:                                           $35 Full Weekend / $10 Day Rate / $15 Feast Only

Concession:                                               $40 Full Weekend / $15 Day Rate / $20 Feast Only

Extra charge per tent:  $15

*Alternate Accommodation: Billeting in Canberra may be available on request but cannot be guaranteed.
*Concession Rate: Available on request to the Steward for consideration.
*Offboard rate: Is the same as the day rate. Entire weekend will be charged at two day rates + camping fee if staying on site. If attending Saturday into the evening and eating nothing then the cost is one day rate.
Please ensure you state that you wish to be offboard when booking!

General enquiries to the Steward, Mistress Anne de Tournai, (Brigid Costello), detournais@gmail.com

General booking enquiries to the bookings officer, Countess Elizabeth de Foxle,  politfieldofgold@gmail.com

Bookings : Book here





2 comments on “The Barony of Politarchopolis invites you to…

  1. I really want to attend the day and dress up for it. Just wondering what style of things would be good as to not look silly and out of place. Asking now so I have time to get it sorted
    Thank you for your help

    • Hi Stephanie,
      Thanks for your question. Mostly we just ask for a reasonable effort at wearing pre 16th century clothing. This means trying not to wear large brand name tags, a simple medievalish style dress or tunic over plain pants. We have someone in charge of assisting newcomers who could also help. They are known as the Hospitaller and his contact email address can be found on our group’s contact page here > http://politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org/contacts/

      We keep some spare clothing for newcomers to wear but it’s best if we can see what suits or fits you by turning up to one of our Sunday gatherings well beforehand. I’m always there from around 2pm, so if you ask the first person you see if Tig is around and that you’re new and could they help you find me, then I can find our Hospitaller and also give you some ideas 🙂 We also have a beginner’s sewing class running every Sunday at the moment.

      The gatherings are held at the Ainslie Scout Hall, cnr Ebden and Hassell Sts, Ainslie. I’m usually inside the hall. Come and see what we’re up to. You’ll spot the fighters practising outside. http://politarchopolis.lochac.sca.org/regular-activities/ Some more ideas of what ‘not to wear’ and a lot of links to other sites. Sadly many of those are now closed. The best way is really to come along and talk to us. The question is quite hard to answer without actually showing you some items from our storage… Tig

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