Online payments must be made by midnight Friday 18 November. Online bookings close midnight Monday 14th November. Once your booking submission has been received, you will eventually receive an email with payment instructions. For those who have booked online to receive the discounted price, but opted to pay at the gate, bank details have been included in your booking confirmation email, just in case you decide to pay before the gate.

How Much:


Pre 18 November Member:                     $75 Full Weekend / $20 Day Rate / $45 Feast Only

Pre 18 November Non-Member:           $85 Full Weekend / $25 Day Rate / $50 Feast Only

At the gate Member:                               $80 Full Weekend / $25 Day Rate / $55 Feast Only

At the gate Non Member:                      $95 Full Weekend / $30 Day Rate / $60 Feast Only

Children 6-16:                                           $35 Full Weekend / $10 Day Rate / $15 Feast Only

Concession:                                               $40 Full Weekend / $15 Day Rate / $20 Feast Only

Extra charge per tent:  $15

*Alternate Accommodation: Billeting in Canberra may be available on request but cannot be guaranteed.
*Concession Rate: Available on request to the Steward for consideration.
*Offboard rate: Is the same as the day rate. Entire weekend will be charged at two day rates + camping fee if staying on site. If attending Saturday into the evening and eating nothing then the cost is one day rate.
Please ensure you state that you wish to be offboard when booking!

General enquiries to the Steward, Mistress Anne de Tournai, (Brigid Costello), detournais@gmail.com

General booking enquiries to the bookings officer, Countess Elizabeth de Foxle,  politfieldofgold@gmail.com



4 comments on “BOOKINGS & COSTS

  1. Hi there,
    We’ll be camping together. Do we only pay the one camping rate?

  2. A note for next time (and sorry if 300 other people have already said this) – I’ve just completed the registration form, and said I will be paying by direct debit. I seem to have come to the end of the process, but I haven’t found any instructions yet on how to pay. Maybe they are about to be emailed to me, or maybe they’re on the next screen I’ll see… but at the moment I’m feeling a bit mystified about how you are going to get my money.

    • Hi Jeremy – sorry it’s not more clear. Once your booking form has been submitted, when the bookings officer receives it, they will send back details on how to complete your payment.

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